Case Studies about Docusnap

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Benefit from the experience of others. Read the following customer case studies to learn about the experiences of our customers with Docusnap and the benefits and success they have achieved through the use of Docusnap.

Cover page: case study Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service Gmbh

Industry: IT system house

IT environment: Customer networks from 20 to 2,000 IT systems, ca. 10 employees

Project: As an IT system house, it is essential for the company to support the customers as well as possible. Therefore, a documentation as detailed as possible of the customers’ whole IT is necessary. With the help of Docusnap, this is now carried out in an automated and repetitive manner.

Cover page: case study Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service Gmbh

Industry: Telecommunications

IT environment: 18,000 employees at more than 1,000 locations, including around 9,000 service technicians in the field (private and business customers)

Project: The company was looking for a software solution that could analyze and document the customer's entire IT environment comprehensively and without much manual effort. Due to the customer clientele ranging from small business customers to large corporations, the software also had to be modular.

Cover page: case study Emmi Schweiz AG

Industry: Food industry

IT environment: approx. 800 servers and 2,000 clients at 9 locations

Project: Due to outsourcing to external companies, a complete overview of the entire IT network was missing. The IT team therefore needed comprehensive IT documentation in order to have an up-to-date overall picture of the entire IT network at all times.

Cover page: case study Heinemann GmbH

Industry: Ventilation technology

IT environment: approx. 12 servers and 70 clients

Project: Ensuring comprehensive and always up-to-date IT documentation and relieving the system administrator so that time remains for other tasks.

Cover page: case study IBC Solar AG

Industry: Photovoltaic system house

IT environment: approx. 120 servers and 550 clients, distributed worldwide, approx. 400 employees

Project: Ensuring comprehensive and always up-to-date IT documentation with a focus on having passwords and logins managed in a central location.

Cover page: case study Klocke Pharma-Service GmbH

Industry: Pharmaceutical industry

IT environment: approx. 180 PC workstations, approx. 100 servers - most of them virtual, approx. 300 employees

Project: Always up-to-date, well-structured and comprehensive IT documentation. Before using Docusnap, the IT team only had access to partially outdated data and had to work with it, for example, during internal and external audits. Information had to be manually merged from various files and documents.

Cover page: case study netgo GmbH

Industry: IT system house

IT environment: 6 locations with approx. 20 servers, 60 clients, > 50 employees

Project: As an IT service provider, it is crucial for NETGO GmbH to know the IT environment of their customers in detail with the help of comprehensive documentation. Especially for new customers, a comprehensive inventory is made at the beginning in order to understand existing structures and to be able to offer suitable solutions.

Cover page: case study Swisscom IT Services GmbH

Industry: IT system house

IT environment: Customer sizes from 50 to 15,000 IT systems, approx. 3,000 employees

Project: The Infrastructure Services department primarily supports customers who still have their own infrastructure on site. The task is to comprehensively document the customers' networks in order to be able to advise the customers in the best possible way on the basis of the information gained from the documentation.

Cover page: case study Tropical Island Holding GmbH

Industry: Amusement park

IT environment: > 50 servers, 300 clients

Project: Comprehensive documentation of the IT infrastructure and relief of the IT department, leaving time for other tasks.