Docusnap in the Media

In recent years, Docusnap has been mentioned many a time in renowned IT journals and other publications as a field-proven software solution for IT documentation, including descriptions of its functionality.
Potential buyers also keep telling us that Docusnap is being employed repeatedly by various educational institutions and in IT trainings to demonstrate how a network environment is documented properly.

On this page, the most important media reports and awards are listed:

IT Literature

“Praxisbuch IT Dokumentation”, a German-language best practices book for IT documentation (ISBN 978-3-8273-2952-3, Addison-Wesley-Verlag):
In the section on how to document an IT infrastructure, the authors Manuela and Georg Reiss rely on Docusnap to create a sample documentation.


As early as in 2008, the “iniative mittelstand” (German SMB syndicate) awarded Docusnap version 4.1 the German innovation prize in the IT Service sector.
In 2012 again, the Docusnap release 6.0 was designated again as a recommendable software solution by the “initiative mittelstand”.
In 2012, the IT Mittelstand (German federal association of SMBs in the IT sector) awarded Docusnap the seal of approval “Software made in Germany”.