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Documentation of data backup environments !

Inventory and documentation of Backup Exec installations

Docusnap can scan installations of Backup Exec environments so that data backups are also included in the IT documentation. For this purpose, Docusnap reads the corresponding Backup Exec database. Meaningful reports enable you to document information such as:

  • Job summaries and message histories
  • Summaries of devices and backup media
  • Storage overviews
  • Backup server configurations

The corresponding reports can be created and distributed by e-mail in a time-controlled manner. This feature enhances the Docusnap network documentation even more and also is an important component for creating an emergency documentation.

Inventory and documentation of Veeam

Backups of your Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere environments made with the Veeam data backup solution can also be inventoried and documented by Docusnap. The inventory scan is performed without the use of an agent and directly via the network. Docusnap reads the configuration database used by the data backup system. The creation and distribution of inventories and reports can be scheduled using the Docusnap Server. The Veeam feature allows you to complement your IT documentation by adding valuable backup information. This way, you can collect information that will help you in an emergency and that should be an integral part of every emergency management system.

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