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Inventory of Microsoft SQL Databases and Oracle Databases

With its Database feature, Docusnap enables you to perform a comprehensive inventory scan and a seamless documentation of

  • Microsoft SQL Servers and
  • Oracle databases

Docusnap not only inventories and documents your Microsoft SQL Server environment, but also uses this very system for its own database to store the retrieved data.

Scanning and Documenting Oracle Databases

Docusnap is now able to also scan and document the widely-adopted database solution from Oracle. Thus, this database application, which is of vital importance to many companies and constitutes the basis of important systems, such as big ERP installations, can be included in the inventory of IT networks. The inventory process, which is wizard-driven, works without agents, and its execution can be scheduled. A variety of reports can be created to present the scanned data in meaningful documents. If desired, their creation can also be scheduled.

Comprehensive and Automated Documentation of Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft supports the retrieval of information from Microsoft SQL Server by providing a wide range of technologies. These include the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) integrated in .NET Framework and the possibility to access an SQL server remotely using standard protocols. This enables Docusnap to perform inventory scans without the need to install software agents.

The actual inventory process in Docusnap is wizard-driven and includes a great number of configuration options. For instance, you can start an automatic search to identify the Microsoft SQL servers existing in the network. Docusnap uses the list of automatically detected SQL servers, and any SQL servers added by the user, as a reference for the automated inventory process. The inventory scan can be performed immediately using the wizard or scheduled for later execution by the Docusnap Server service.

The data and information retrieved by Docusnap in an inventory scan include the following:

  • Server information
  • Storage information
  • Databases including system databases
  • Tables
  • Fields (columns)
  • Views
  • Stored procedures
  • Stored procedures including their source code
  • Users and roles on the database level
  • Security information on the server level
  • Logins
  • Server roles

Documenting Microsoft SQL Server and Creating Reports

Docusnap uses the integrated Documentation wizard for the generation of various types of plans. Besides displaying the database servers including the databases located on these servers, Docusnap can also create an Entity Relationship model (ER diagram). Such a diagram depicts the relationships and dependencies between the individual tables of a database. Just as the Microsoft SQL Server inventory process, you can schedule the creation of the documentation by your Docusnap Server.

The reports on Microsoft SQL Server security are a convenient way to output security-related information in a report format. These reports clearly show details, such as the login names with the server roles set for them Other reports that can be generated by the Docusnap SQL Server feature include database details, database security, and database table information.

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