See Your IT in a Different Light

Identify the Correlations Between Your IT and Your Business

Map Your Organization

Map Your Organization

  • Define the structure of your organization using organizational units such as branch offices and departments.
  • Extend your documentation by including geographical units, such as sites, buildings, rooms, or racks.
  • Document your processes, business services, or IT services within Docusnap.
  • Add all elements used and additional properties, such as response times, SLAs, or priorities.
Document Correlations and Dependencies

Document Correlations and Dependencies

  • Link any elements in Docusnap to others to display dependencies.
  • Document the correlations, for example between IT components and your business processes.
  • Define rules in Docusnap that control the automatic identification of dependencies in the future.
  • Extend the relations between elements by adding individual values according to your specifications.
Use Visualizations to Make Things Clearer

Use Visualizations to Make Things Clearer

  • Use the graphical editor for visualization and manual editing of correlations.
  • Let Docusnap show you the different routes between two selected elements.
  • Get an overview of the data and network connections of a particular system based on the communication paths.
  • Create a structure of your IT based on groups and levels.
Define Your IT Documentation Standard

Define Your IT Documentation Standard

  • You can define a customized documentation framework tailored to your requirements and store it in Docusnap.
  • Create any desired levels and groups to improve the structure of your documentation.
  • Determine the details to be shown for each element on a particular level, e.g. in order to support auditing standards.
  • Apply your pre-defined documentation standards to other companies (tenants).

Business Framework

Dependencies Editor

Editor for entering and linking elements for the visualization of dependencies

Communication Paths
IT Components

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