The Revolution in IT Documentation

The Revolution in IT Documentation

IT Documentation

Discover new ways of Documenting your Network

Use Visualization to keep full Control of your Network

Generate standard maps and diagrams, such as a layer 3 network map, Active Directory maps, or cabling maps.

Benefit from periodical and automated network map updates based on your requirements.

Obtain all maps and diagrams in HTML or Microsoft Visio file format, as desired.

Link all inventoried data and maps to concepts in text form.

Benefit from more than 200 Evaluations and Reports

Leverage predefined reports, such as Software Overview, Hardware Equipment, or Mailbox Storage.

Receive relevant evaluations by e-mail on a regular basis, as desired.

Create custom reports or customize existing reports using the integrated Report Designer.

Export reports or lists, e.g. as PDF documents or in Excel format.

Get Assistance when creating Concepts

Create concepts, such as contingency plans, operation manuals, or a summary IT documentation.

Link all inventoried information, maps and diagrams to these concepts.

Let Docusnap update your concepts automatically with the inventoried data.

Export concepts to file formats such as PDF, Word, or HTML.

Maximum Flexibility for Documentation

Docusnap Web Client allows to access the IT documentation from any site or device

The Docusnap Web Client allows you and your customers to access the IT documentation from any site or device.

IT documentation as HTML format

Publish your IT documentation in HTML format in your Intranet.

Export data through Docusnap Connect

Export data with Docusnap Connect to other software solutions, such as ticketing systems or ERP solutions.

Adapt your documentation to your own corporate design

With a few steps, adapt your documentation to your own or your customer’s corporate design.

English or German as the documentation language

Select English or German as the documentation language.

Docusnap Link to link the software solutions

Use Docusnap Link to link third party software solutions to Docusnap.

Display of diagrams in the Documentation module of the Docusnap Web Client
Visualization of organizational units within the Active Directory (logical perspective) in the Documentation module
Hard Disk report in the Docusnap Web Client as a part of the IT documentation
Docusnap Web Client visualization of the toner usage as part of the Docusnap documentation
Front view of a switch in a topology map created in the Documentation module
Output of the inventoried software in the IT documentation created with Docusnap

Are you ready?

Are you still drawing maps by hand?
Docusnap creates network maps automatically.

Are you still behind on your emergency documentation?
Docusnap provides perfect support.

Docusnap provides structure and guidance.

Do you need clear answers to your questions?
Docusnap delivers detailed reports.

In need of documents?
Docusnap exports your data to the required document formats.