The right Evaluation for each Requirement

Perfectly customized Reports and Evaluations


Active network components,
IP address allocation,
topology information,
VLAN overview, switch port
allocation, rack overview


A datasheet for each
system Hardware used,
hard disk utilization,
processors per system,
RAM per system


Software list, license key use,
hotfixes per system,
overview of operating
systems, service packs,
Microsoft ELP


System resources without backup,
local administrators, anti-spyware,
last login, password age, virus
protection, firewall settings,
mailbox permissions, stopped services


ADS group overview, mailbox use,
evaluations for all
components recorded
in the inventory (e.g. IIS,
Hyper-V, SQL Server, etc.)

Key Figures

IT structure key figures,
management overview, license
management overview, inventory
per company or domain,
financial records, tasks

Services stopped

Evaluation that identifies stopped services

Data storage
Report Designer
Infrastructure overview

Customized Evaluations

  • Create custom reports or adapt existing reports using the integrated Report Designer.
  • Define scheduled delivery of reports by e-mail so that they are always up-to-date.
  • Adapt the design of your reports to your company’s CD.
  • Export reports or lists, e.g. as PDF documents or to Excel files.
  • Create evaluations and reports in the desired language: English or German.
  • For the creation of emergency manuals, etc., link all reports and evaluations to IT concepts, as desired.

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