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Why should I create IT documentation?

In an increasingly complex computing environment, precise knowledge about the actual state of the network environment is becoming a prerequisite for many corporate decisions. The required information about the actual state of your IT environment must always be at hand and up-to-date. A comprehensive IT documentation constitutes the backbone of all processes, decisions and planning relating to your computing environment. It is true, however, that maintaining a proper IT documentation is very time-consuming. Many companies shy away from the effort and consequently do not pursue their IT documentation tasks with the intensity and sustainability required so urgently. No matter whether it is about ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000/ISO 27001 certifications or basic IT security guidelines such as laid down in BSI-Grundschutz – each of these IT process models requires an extensive IT documentation in order to be implemented successfully.

The Docusnap software solution faces just this challenge. Docusnap provides a variety of solutions for creating a perfect IT documentation and keeping it up-to-date permanently. Through the use of Docusnap, you can avoid the staff expenditure otherwise required for manual IT documentation. In practice, IT documentation is subdivided into two parts: process documentation and systems documentation. Docusnap is the ideal choice, especially for systems documentation.

How to create an IT documentation?

With Docusnap you can create perfect and up-to-date IT documentation in just a few steps. The software automatically and recurrently inventories your entire IT network and generates interactive IT documentation from this data. Experience how reports give you a simple overview of the recorded systems and how automatically generated plans give you a constant overview of your IT environment. Duration: 14:54 minutes

Inventory Process and ITIL CMDB

Docusnap provides comprehensive options for creating inventories and does not require any additional software installations in the network. Virtually “at the press of a button”, Docusnap scans the hardware, the software, but also the configuration data of application servers.

The data resulting from an inventory scan is stored in a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
Using this ITIL-compliant CMDB within Docusnap, you can manage all IT assets, extend the database as desired and add data manually at any time.

The automation of the inventory and output processes, as provided by Docusnap, ensures that the data is always up-to-date.

Docusnap Web

Docusnap Web provides users with mobile read access to all information via a web browser. It can be used with all common browsers and regardless of the platform (mobile or desktop). Using Docusnap Web, users can access the inventoried data flexibly and from any location.


You are right to expect a variety of output documents from a good IT documentation software adapted to the requirements of real-life operation.
Docusnap offers various and meaningful reports which can be extended by the user as desired.
Mapping of corporate design standards is possible at any time. This is also true for different tenants or associated companies. To get a better overview of the loads of data retrieved from the computing environment, you can select one of the many visualization and analysis options provided by Docusnap.

Predefined IT concepts within the IT Documentation

In addition, Docusnap features predefined IT concepts that integrate the respective CMDB data. You can define these concepts in Docusnap as simple plain text and subsequently benefit from a feature which automatically updates the newly-defined concepts to the values documented in the CMDB during the latest inventory process.

Analysis Options

For license management, an optional Docusnap solution is available presenting a comparison of the expected and actual states of installed software and purchased licenses. The License Management solution allows you to map the license models of all manufacturers. Integrated contract management adds to the solution functionality.

As regards security management, Docusnap excels by providing extensive permission analysis for Microsoft Windows file systems and Microsoft SharePoint and a feature for tracking Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange permissions. To provide the user with a clear overview of the permissions existing in the network, Docusnap also shows a graphical representation of the effective permissions determined in the analysis.


The integration of a documentation software or an ITIL-compliant CMDB with existing systems must be absolutely straightforward. Docusnap meets this requirement through its open, relational database and extensive export options for the documents created in the documentation process (HTML, PDF, Microsoft Office, etc.). Integrating
Docusnap with existing systems is a simple task and can thus be achieved quickly. Docusnap is wizard-driven, so that only a minimum of time is necessary to get your staff started with Docusnap.

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