Win new customers with convincing documentation solutions!

With the help of detailed information in Docusnap and Docusnap365, you can offer customized solutions to your customers.

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Customer documentation as a door opener.

IT documentation is very important, but only available in very few companies. So offer it for a small fee. Using the automatic inventory and documentation features of Docusnap and Docusnap365, you can create up-to-date and complete IT documentation for your customers very quickly and with little manual effort.

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Detection of vulnerabilities.

The extensive data that Docusnap and Docusnap365 collect about your customers' IT networks gives you revealing information about vulnerabilities caused by, for example, outdated patch statuses or misconfigurations. Optimization potential in hardware and software areas can also be identified quickly and easily.

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Compliance with requirements and audits.

IT documentation is not only important for maintaining an overview of an IT environment, but in many cases is also a mandatory prerequisite for meeting legal requirements and audits. In such cases, missing documentation can result in the withdrawal of certifications or even penalties.

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Docusnap opens doors for you .

Cold calling is usually not only resource- and time-intensive, but also very frustrating. This is mainly due to a lack of unique selling points compared to other IT providers, but also due to a lack of know-how about the IT environment of potential customers. With Docusnap, you have powerful arguments that open doors for you.
It is well known that up-to-date and complete IT documentation is important for an overview and in many cases even mandatory. Nevertheless, many companies do not have sufficient documentation. With the help of the automatic inventory and documentation functions of Docusnap and Docusnap365, it is possible for you to offer complete and up-to-date customer documentation with little manual effort and thus at an affordable price. The resulting insights into the customer's IT environment quickly and easily show you weak points and optimization potential, which you can in turn use for follow-up orders.

Use cases .

Gather network information.

Finally, you have an overview of your entire IT network.

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Manage licenses.

It has never been so easy to keep an eye on the licensing situation.

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Inventory IT assets.

From now on, you can manage IT assets quickly, easily and centrally.

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Check permissions.

Quickly find out what permissions a user has in your network?

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Show network plans.

Topology or routing plan? Display plans for your IT network at the push of a button.

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Create manuals.

Create your manuals and save a lot of time with dynamic inventory data.

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