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Gathering Information

Before you can create IT documentation, comprehensive and up-to-date information must be gathered from the entire IT environment.

Usually, this data is stored in a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). An automatic inventory is intended to automatically collect as much data as possible in an automated way using a software solution. It is an economic imperative to reduce manual intervention to a minimum when establishing your IT documentation. Unfortunately, many inventory systems are limited to collecting data about the existing hardware and the software installed on these systems. It is however legitimate to expect from a comprehensive CMDB that it also supplies configuration details and settings from application servers, such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SharePoint. Before opting for a particular software solution, you should therefore make sure that your software of choice really scans all IT assets in an automatic inventory and also allows you to make manual entries.


The Docusnap Inventory components / features provide the optimum solution which meets all of the above requirements: Docusnap inventories all Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, or SNMP-based systems, scanning the hardware systems, the installed software and all configured settings. Docusnap also retrieves the VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint configurations. What is more, Docusnap scans the Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Internet Information Services configurations as well as the Microsoft DNS and DHCP settings. All values retrieved by Docusnap are stored in the integrated Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB).

By inventorying and documenting the key application servers of a network with Docusnap, you can save an enormous amount of time in the process of creating a CMDB. Docusnap adds to this by scanning and documenting all active network components and visualizing them by means of various plans.


Inventorying your IT with Docusnap is straightforward. Wizards help you to navigate through the individual steps and complete your tasks. A scheduler allows you to automate the entire inventory process, ensuring that the CMDB is up-to-date at any time.

A Special Highlight

The inventory process does not interfere with network operation. Docusnap does not require any agents or other software installations on the target systems for inventorying your IT.

Import and Export

Docusnap is multi-tenant capable: When you operate Docusnap in the networks of customers or branch offices, data from
other Docusnap databases can be transferred to the central Docusnap CMDB or consolidated using an import / export functionality. Thus, Docusnap is the perfect software solution for IT systems providers and IT service providers, consulting companies, or groups for whom access to current network data of their customers, subsidiaries or partner companies is a must to achieve their tasks.

Cloud Inventory with Docusnap

The Docusnap software lets you inventory cloud environments. This allows you to map information on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure – such as storages and virtual machines as well as SQL servers or databases – in Docusnap quickly and easily. Even the web apps available in Microsoft Azure can be inventoried with the Docusnap software solution. Moreover, Docusnap is capable of inventorying cloud-based Microsoft 365. In this process, the software collects information such as users, groups and licenses and represents them in a clear way.

IT Inventory via Docusnap Discovery Service

Thanks to the Docusnap Discovery Service, further sites can be inventoried without carrying out time-consuming database exports and imports. Online or VPN connections and scheduled encrypted data transfer enable all site and customer data to be fully captured. The Docusnap Discovery Service automatically carries out inventory processes for a decentralized site and transfers the results to the central Docusnap server. After successfully establishing a connection from the Docusnap Discovery Service to the central Docusnap server, the inventory jobs can be managed and started from the head office. The Docusnap Discovery Service guarantees a decentralized inventory of other sites at any time.

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