New Docusnap Licensing Scheme

A fundamental change has been made to the Docusnap software: The software licensing scheme has been modified thoroughly. From now on, you can select between four editions with different functionality:

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

The basic rule is that each higher edition has the complete functionality of all lower editions plus additional features. You can also obtain a trial version that allows you to thoroughly try and test the Docusnap documentation tool according to your requirements.

The trial version, which is available for free download from the Internet, can be considered as a true reference, as it is not limited in functionality. The only restrictions are a maximum of 50 systems that can be inventoried and a validity period of 30 days.

Select among four editions
The Free Edition is unlimited in time. Its functionality is quite basic and allows inventory scans of up to 25 systems. You can use this edition to scan Windows, Linux and Mac OS X client/server operating systems as well as SNMP and Active Directory services. It allows, of course, the creation of a basic documentation using IT concepts and even includes some overview plans. And the name says it all: the Free Edition can be used at no charge and without a time limit.

The Standard Edition has a larger scope of features and can be purchased for at least 50 systems to be inventoried. This means that, besides the entire Free Edition functionality, even more features are available for documenting your networked IT systems. The Premium Edition, in turn, complements the functionality of the Standard Edition by allowing you to inventory a variety of application servers. And it provides more overview plans as well as the License Management and Permission Analysis modules. On top of everything, we offer the Enterprise Edition which comprises all Premium Edition features plus multi-tenant capability and import/export options for Docusnap databases. Thus, it is especially useful for service providers who need to create customer documentation or for multi-location corporate groups.

For a detailed feature overview of each edition, please visit our website.

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