See your IT in a different light!

Identify correlations and dependencies between your IT and your business.

Recognize connections and dependencies between your IT and your business.

Detailed mapping of your organization.

Complete your documentation with geographic entities such as locations, buildings, rooms or racks. Document your processes, business services or IT services within Docusnap.

Docusnap Graphic companies

Connections and dependencies.

Connect any elements in Docusnap to show dependencies. Document dependencies between your business processes and your IT components this way.

Docusnap Graphic connections dependencies

Visualizations for better understanding.

Geographical information makes it easier to understand the structure of your IT network. Visualizations of business IT dependencies provide a quick overview in case of emergency and help you to take the right actions.

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Business Framework mit Docusnap

6:30 Min.

Your first documentation in just 10 minutes!