Improve your IT security!

Analyze your network permissions and
document your security relevant settings.

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Comprehensive permission analysis.

Check for any employee which data they can access. Or, conversely, check who has which access rights to certain directories.

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Detailed permission inheritance.

Quickly and easily analyze how the permissions of any employee are composed and how they are inherited.

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Virus scanners, firewalls and co.

Document your Windows firewall settings and identify any gaps. Check that virus scanners are activated and up to date on all systems.

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IT security with Docusnap

6:02 min.

Document your security-relevant settings .

Outdated patch versions of operating systems and applications are the number one gateway for attackers. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you always keep all components of your IT network up to date. Complete and up-to-date documentation of all systems, software, network components, etc. in the IT environment is an indispensable prerequisite for this. Because only if you know what is available can you take active action and thus guarantee professional IT operations.

With Docusnap, you are always up to date:

  • Uncover discrepancies in the area of software and patch installations.
  • Identify systems on the network that do not belong to your network based on network addresses.
  • Find employees who are local administrators on their workstations through inventory.
  • Document your Windows firewall settings and identify any gaps.
  • Check your virus scanners on all systems using independent documentation via Docusnap.
  • Ensure that all your relevant resources are part of the data backup through evaluations in Docusnap.

Your first documentation in just 10 minutes!