The revolution in IT documentation?

Docusnap365 offers new ways of network documentation.

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Automated visualizations.

Docusnap365 automatically creates common plans such as Layer 3 network plans, routing or topology plans according to your specifications. With the help of global filters, plans of specific subareas, locations or projects are also created in no time.

Graphic visualization

Ready-made evaluations.

Docusnap365 provides you with the most important information clearly arranged in ready-made evaluations.

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Global filters.

Assign predefined basic data, such as organization, domain, platform and location, or freely definable tags to your objects. Filtering by these basic data and tags is very fast and easy. This filter is globally valid and shows only data that matches the criteria in all areas of Docusnap365, as well as in all plans, reports and lists.

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First steps in Docusnap365

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