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Automatic creation

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Docusnap report VMware datastores

Complete overview

Periodical creation

Increases the security

Docusnap report services stopped

Latest data

Quick overview

Management summary

Docusnap report infrastructure overview

Intuitive operation

Individual customizations

Creation of your own reports

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Data storage VMware

Evaluation about used datastores of virtual machines on ESX hosts

Services stopped

Evaluation to detect stopped services

Infrastructures overview

Evaluation with aggregated facts of an IT environment for a quick overview

Report designer

Customize or create individual reports with the Docusnap report designer

Over 200 reports and evaluations.

Docusnap provides you with the most important information clearly arranged in over 200 ready-made evaluations and reports.

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Customization and export.

Create your own reports to get completely customized evaluations. Export them for further processing in all popular Office and PDF file formats.

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Automated creation.

Benefit from an automated and scheduled creation, filing and (if desired) e-mail delivery of the predefined standard reports and your individual evaluations.

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