The fastest way to customer documentation!

Docusnap and Docusnap365 inventory and document
your customers' IT networks in an automated way.

Docusnap Header network information

Automated inventory of customer networks.

Docusnap and Docusnap365 record your customers' IT networks automatically and recurringly. Docusnap sends the data to your central Docusnap server via secure online connections. In Docusnap365, the data is available in the cloud for you and your customers at any time. This way, you always have an up-to-date overview of your customer networks.

Graphic automated creation

Ideal for customer documentation.

Simplify the process of creating individual customer documentation with Docusnap by using templates. Store your own corporate design per customer and thereby create more acceptance.

Graphic intuitive visualization

Automated updating and distribution.

Outdated documentation is a thing of the past. Benefit in Docusnap from automated and time-controlled updating, filing and (if desired) email delivery of all your individual IT documentation.

Graphic customer sites

Create IT documentation for your customers .

Up-to-date and complete IT documentation is not only important for an overview, but in many cases is even mandatory or even required by law. Nevertheless, many companies do not have sufficient documentation. The reasons for this are varied, but basically always boil down to the two main statements: no time, no money. IT departments are usually notoriously understaffed and underfunded. There is no time for tasks that do not necessarily serve to maintain revenue-generating tasks. Take advantage of this fact and offer complete, certification and regulatory compliant IT documentation as a service.
With the help of the automatic inventory and documentation functions of Docusnap and Docusnap365, it is possible for you to offer complete and up-to-date customer documentation with little manual effort. Take advantage of synergy effects and standardize IT documentation by creating templates. In this way, you can offer professional IT documentation at a lower price than you would be able to realize in-house.

Use cases .

Gather network information.

Finally, you have an overview of your entire IT network.

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Manage licenses.

It has never been so easy to keep an eye on the licensing situation.

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Inventory IT assets.

From now on, you can manage IT assets quickly, easily and centrally.

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Check permissions.

Quickly find out what permissions a user has in your network?

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Show network plans.

Topology or routing plan? Display plans for your IT network at the push of a button.

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Create manuals.

Create your manuals and save a lot of time with dynamic inventory data.

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