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Check your IT security.

Use permission analysis to determine who has access to which data and how these permissions are inherited. Use security-relevant evaluations to determine, for example, whether virus scanners or firewalls are configured correctly.

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Manage your licenses.

Assign software installations found through inventory to your purchased software contracts according to common metrics and quickly and easily identify over- and under-licensing. Get timely notification of expiring license contracts.

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Identify the dependencies on your IT.

Document dependencies between IT components and business structures and record additional structures such as locations, processes and services. This will give you a much better understanding of your IT interdependencies and enable you to act quickly and in a targeted manner in the event of an emergency.

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Analysis tailored to individual needs .

Every IT network is as unique as the associated company. For this reason, each IT documentation and IT analysis must also be individually adapted to its own needs.
Docusnap offers you the possibility to use your own documentation framework to better structure the view of your IT.

  • Define your own rule sets so that Docusnap can automatically find dependencies in your network.
  • Design your own evaluations and reports to get answers to individual questions about your IT.
  • Determine which collected data should be used for analysis.
  • Decide which analyses and evaluations should be automated and at what times.

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