The benchmark in
IT inventory!

Let Docusnap automatically capture all the values of your network.

screenshot inventory

Gain an impression of Docusnap

Agentless inventory

Automated reports and maps

Assignment of passwords, contracts and more.

Docusnap System Report Windows Server

Encrypted data transfer

Ideal for customer documentation

Mapping of global company structures

Docusnap Configuration Docusnap Discovery Service

Easy configuration step by step

Individual setting options

Detailed inventory status

Docusnap Inventory Wizard Status

Periodic inventory

Always up to date data

User selectable time intervals

Docusnap Inventory Wizard Scheduling

Inventoried data

Report of all inventoried data of a Windows server after inventorying

Sites and customers

Configuration of Docusnap Discovery Services for remote inventories

Inventory Wizard

Status display of the Windows Inventory Wizard during an inventory

Scheduling the inventory

Entering the desired inventory interval in the wizard

Automated creation.

Benefit from an automated and scheduled inventory of your complete IT network, as well as the creation, filing and (if desired) e-mail delivery of automatically generated maps and reports.

graphic automated creation

Intuitive wizards.

Intuitive wizards simplify the work steps and guide you step by step through your tasks.

Docusnap inventory wizards

Remote locations and customers.

Using secure online connections, Docusnap also fully and automatically captures all your remote company locations and customers.

graphic customer sites

IT inventory with Docusnap

11:10 min.

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