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Never again inaccurate license statistics

August 5, 2021

Sometimes really strange questions are asked. Somehow, supervisors are trained to put their finger deep in the wound. Some even have a salt shaker with them for the special pleasure. The mere question of which licenses are in use on which systems not infrequently causes a knot in the stomach of IT administrators. Now, on the one hand, this may be associated with increased caffeine consumption, but it may also have other reasons. Because one thing is certain – license management requires work, and creating an overview with all the important information requires even more.

Scattered information

If you didn’t do a meticulous job with licensing and related documentation in the first place and keep this information up to date on a regular basis, you usually end up with a pain in the ass after such a request. In addition, licenses are often available in a variety of forms. Nowadays, many licenses are issued digitally and can be accessed in vendors’ own portals. A lot of information can be found there, but due to different publishers there are also a lot of different portals, which of course do not communicate with each other and thus are out of the question for an overall view.

Changes in agile working life

Determining after the fact who is using which licenses to what extent on which system can quickly become a very time-consuming, yet incomplete undertaking. Even with basic documentation, there is a risk that while the number of licenses is correct, the allocation may be jumbled up due to changes in departments or additions to groups. If yesterday Anna K. had the Photoshop license, today Paul S. is working with it. Or do they both have a license now?

Optimize license management

Of course, there is also a better way to keep an exact overview. With Docusnap, you can automatically assign the available licenses to the detected systems in your network. To do this, Docusnap makes use of the integrated license management and, of course, the sophisticated scanning procedure that agentlessly not only lists all systems in the network, but also detects the software installed on them. And so that nothing is forgotten here, you are supported by an integrated wizard.

With Docusnap, you can bring order to your licensing overview. How easy this works, we show you in our video.

Docusnap can not only manage and assign your licenses. With this documentation and inventory solution, you have countless options for seamlessly recording and evaluating your IT systems. Docusnap even keeps all data up to date at all times.

Curious about Docusnap? Try Docusnap without obligation for 30 days. And because we want you to experience the full potential of the software, we offer our full professional support even during the free trial period.